Sleep – The one thing my mind denies me!

As i prepared for bed (this was around 11 PM), I was just picturing how beautiful tonight’s sleep was going to be. However, the opposite happened – I laid in bed with my mind pacing back and forth deciding whether to let me sleep or not. 

So I decided to get up and do some work I didn’t get to in the day, but shortly after that, I realized that i was getting sleepy again. So I decided that this is work that can wait until tomorrow. Mind (not similar to “the mind”) you, it was 2:52 AM and this is when I started asking myself why I was up in the first place. The mind – such a mysterious thing, that. 

My body is not conditioned for this type of beating. I’m going to start doing some mental gymnastics; maybe my mind will have discipline and respect and such, allow me the sleep I very much crave. 

Namaste you guys!!


Good night everyone.


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