The Destination: Success (Parte Uno)

I was once told that the journey requires trust; the destination however, requires faith.

In order to reach this destination though, you need to prepare and deliberately practice (more on this in Parte Dos). Usually we confuse preparation with just doing small tasks that we believe will lead to the ultimate goal.

The preparations you make need to have some direction that will eventually lead to the success of those goals. What you need to do is:
set specific goals, obtain immediate feedback, and concentrate as much on technique as an outcome. If your preparations lack in proper technique, your goals might not come about as you envisioned then.

If you have a vision, you can make it a reality and I can help – through proper preparation. In Parte Dos of the Destination series, I will go in depth on how to achieve your visions through preparation, the 3P’s (Practice,Practice,Practice) and the meaning of the aforementioned term, deliberate practice.

The goal of the series is to provide you with ways to achieve your goals through proper preparation techniques.

I encourage you to share with your family and friends and also provide some feedback and questions for your most complex problems.

Until next time, be blessed! Let’s realize YOUR dreams.

– Nate


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