The Destination: Success (Parte Dos)


In the Parte Uno, I discussed methods on how we can reach our targeted destinations (success) through proper preparation techniques. The way we prepare determines how our end result will come to fruition. To properly prepare, you first need to set specific goals – this means that you need to put pen to paper (or type in MS Word) and write what you are looking to accomplish and what your needs are for your goals to flourish. Second, you need to obtain some feedback in regards to how your preparations have progressed. You can do this by sharing with a friend/professor/mentor, etc. and letting them know your plans and what you have so accomplished so far. This should give you an idea on what the next step is in your preparations or maybe any additional changes you might need to incorporate. Lastly, concentrate on mercilessly executing the goals based on your feedback by improving the technique of your preparation – this is when you deliberately practice your art to cultivate the successful goal you envisioned. 

Practice, as defined by Webster, is the repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency.Furthermore, deliberate means, thinking carefully and attentively ; carefully making a decision. For example, you make a deliberate decision when you decide to further your formal education. As such, deliberate practice is a regimen of effortful activities designed to optimize improvement. By deliberately practicing, you’re tapping into the qualities of intellect and disposition you naturally possess to urge yourself to perform activities that lead to reputation. You’ve probably heard the mantra ,”Practice make perfect” – well, it’s true. If you continue to perfect your technique by practicing it, you afford yourself a chance to succeed. 

“Success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” – Pele (Brazilian futbol legend). Most of us will agree  with this statement because if you are not passionate about what you’re doing, chances are that you won’t give 110% effort at crafting it until perfection. Furthermore, it goes without saying that success is also much more about attitude than it is ability – You have to garner the right mindset and attitude towards your work to see it come to fruition. And this is the kind of positive attitude that will cultivate success through deliberate practice, follow through, and unswerving concentration. 

I will caution you however, that not everyone that follows the proper preparation techniques will succeed, but rather how you continuously strive to mercilessly execute your goals will propel you to your destination; which of course, is success. 

To surmise  I encourage you to use some of these techniques in your next endeavors and be sure to share how your progress is going. 


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