Need For Nourishment – A message for you!

Life is a lot like river rafting – you will eventually hit the white waters. The issue is, are you ready to navigate through those rapid waters successfully? Don’t worry – You are not alone – everyone has those fears of how they can persevere through life’s turmoils. Usually we fear progress because of things we are holding onto; but what are we holding onto exactly? When we get to this stage of fear (progressing), we need nourishment – of the soul. 

Soul nourishment that will bring about a renewed hunger to progress from our strong holds and giving ourselves a chance of what the future holds. While we grow, we meet hindrances and sometimes it feels like for every step forward, there’s two steps back. This is a point when we lose faith and get discouraged and defeated – well, I have a message of encouragement for you. We can beat this feeling; we can come out of these situations champions. How? We need to garner up strength to know that we can get through knowing that God is on our side and He always delivers. ALWAYS! 

In order for us not to pave way for danger (self destruction) in our lives due to these hurdles, we need to strengthen our hearts by feeding our souls. It is hard to dodge all of the craziness the world throws at us when we believe that everything is going well. Psalms 37:1-11 says, “Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and feed on HIS faithfulness.” To this end, I urge that you pardon your past strongholds and you’ll see a calming peace of mind endure you through your present endeavors. Thus bringing about bright hope for tomorrow, cheerfulness, strength and guidance to all your future goals and dealings.

Though weak and helpless in life’s fray, God’s might and power shall be your stay. Without, Within – He gives you the strength to gain victory. 

Allow God do His will in your life; this will prepare you for a brighter tomorrow. 

For a healthy and reminiscent journey, meditate on His history – All the great things you’ve accomplished because of Him. 


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