Patience – You ought to have some!

Patience –A lot of us know what that is. But like everyone, I don’t think we know what it truly means to have patience. Webster’s dictionary describes Patience as a calm endurance. Calm simply means being still or a lack of motion; whereas endurance is the ability to last and stand pain. You see, exercising a calm endurance is to withstand everything that is thrown at you and still triumph. That’s having patience!


Proverbs 14:29 states, “A patient man (woman) has great understanding.” What I take from this verse is that being patient has its rewards – and if you are patient, you gain an understanding of why you need must endure what you’re going through in order to see the great harvest. Our purpose in life is really to exercise patience in all that we do – that means, not rushing into ventures without proper preparation, using caution when doing our work, etc. I read somewhere that, “Purpose is more important than need.” We don’t need to go through some of the things we go through, but the purpose is for us to see the bigger picture of why we are going through it – and that’s to overcome.


These last couple of months have really been a test to my spirit – the details and planning of our wedding next month, waiting to hear about my start date for my new job, considering going back to school, and so many more. All of that can drive someone to be very stressed out. Despite having belief that everything will eventually work out, I wanted it to work out according to my plan. And if it didn’t  I would just stress about everything and get into a funk that I really shouldn’t have been in to begin with. There’s a reason everything seems to be happening at once – and the purpose of it all I discovered, is to exercise patience. I don’t need to worry about how things will come to fruition because we have done all that we needed to do and the rest will work itself out by God’s grace.


As a people, we tend to multitask a lot. But it’s how you multitask that will truly give you the effective results that you need. We normally stress about things that need to be worried about – finances, jobs, relationships, etc. I’ve found that taking it slow, and being patient is the way of going about things. Sometimes there needs an urgency to some things, but if we do all we can and what’s left is to get the fruits of our labor, then I urge you to be patient with yourself and others of course. The more worry you bring yourself will exhaust your mind and you won’t be able to function at your best.


So why patience? It gives you a calm and serene mind to endure whatever you’re going through. So I urge you to be patient, for all good/bad things work together in your favor. Keep being faithful and when in doubt, reflect on God’s history over your life.


 And remember, there’s a purpose for your battles – Victory!


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