Organized Thought: How It Can Help You Accomplish Goals!

Organized Thought: How It Can Help You Accomplish Goals!

How can we accomplish goals that we set for ourselves? Sometimes that’s a very difficult question to answer. Typically, it’s either we don’t have the energy to really sit down and think through a plan on how to get things done – or – we just don’t have the clarity or definition of purpose for our end goal.

In my own personal experiences, I have found that it is key to clearly organize your thoughts and establish definitively what you want to accomplish and define success. Then you can properly distribute your energy and fully engross yourself in the tasks required to deliver the desired results you are expecting. This is the essence of accomplishing goals – having organized thoughts.

Sometimes we have reveries – the condition of being lost in thought – and we absolutely need that. Reveries are the chief index of our fundamental character; self-imagination, self-justification. This is the most spontaneous and favorite kind of thinking. It is also where we allow our ideas to take their own course. Which course we ultimately take is determined by our hopes and fears, our most persistent desires – their fulfilments or frustrations – by our likes and dislikes, our loves, hates, and resentments. But what would life be without having the courage to attempt those exact things we conjure up when lost in thought? My belief is that we become afraid to fail due to our repeated failure to plan sufficiently.

Alas, the time will come to choose – to act or not to act; let no man claim ignorance as an excuse. We need to fail sometimes in order to have that big victory – let’s be courageous and work to fulfill our desires. The swiftness of your desire will depend on the depths of that desire – how swiftly will you act? Ask yourself, how bad do you really want it? We are all different, however, we all have the desire to grow and transform our lives.

Napoleon said, “The art of war is a science in which nothing succeeds which has not been calculated and thought out.” How do we bridge the gap between thought and action? One method that I practice is to establish a formulated process that I use consistently. For example – this is a 4-step process I often use.

1)    State your facts –what is the problem and what would an ideal solution look like.

2)    Argue from your facts – enforce the right facts and redress the wrong facts.

3)    Develop a plan of action based on your final facts – consider how you can turn your problem into a solution.

4)    Do it! After enforcing your correct facts and establishing a plan, put it into action.

Going through such a process helps you establish accurate and organized thinking. By thinking through how to accomplish your plans and goals, you become a child of your own mental labor – thus your knowledge of the issue is, is in order.  Consistently using a formulated process is like a brain exercise – it strengthens your recognition of accurate and inaccurate thinking and brings order. And over time this thinking pattern becomes spontaneous.

There are always going to be hurdles to jump over and mountains to climb. It is amazing how much one can accomplish in the face of resistance. Being properly organized – having a clear definition of success, a thorough plan, and finite end goal – spurs a dedicated and committed soul. As human beings, we often want to soften the blow and take things slow in the face of opposition. Surprise yourself and respond with an earnestness to trump those same obstructions. Do not disregard caution, but arm yourself with organization and maneuver your way to victory.

Food for thought: “When a man’s knowledge is not in order, the more of it he has, the greater will be his confusion of thought.” – Herbert Spencer

Let’s be organized in our thoughts so we can overcome and triumph over life’s challenges.


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