Richard Shelley Taylor – On Priorities

I am currently reading Richard Shelley Taylor’s book, “The Disciplined Life – Studies in the fine art of Christian Discipleship” and I have to say this is one of the best books I have read in a while. He talks about the plight of modern man being summed up as, “striving for the road of self-indulgence. The way of least resistance.”

While reading his book I realize how many facets of my life I need to improve. One of those things, which is a surprise to me really because I thought I was very good at it, is getting my priorities right. Making the right decisions and selections  for my life. Being a husband and father to a 5 week old baby girl is challenging. But I am managing okay – my wife is great with the baby and we are learning a lot together as we embark on this journey. In everything, however, I have realized that I need to prioritize better. It makes life that much simpler.

Below is an excerpt from “The Disciplined Life”. As I was reading this portion of the book, I knew that I needed to share with my friends and family. I hope this stirs you up as much as it stirred me.

“Selection – Selection – Selection! This is the law of life.” “……Our stature as men and women, certainly our stature as Christians, will be determined exactly and entirely by our skill in selecting. If we give top priority to those pursuits which should have low priority, if we”major in minors,” if we show a “first-rate dedication to second-rate causes,” if we allow friends and impulse and the convenience of the moment to dictate our priorities, while we weakly drift with the tide of daily circumstances, we will shabby, mediocre, and ineffective persons. If we affirm certain priorities but fail to give them first place day by day; if we allow them to remain in the ‘never-never-land’ of good intentions, without rigid adherence right now – the end result of character-zero will be just as sure. Now we must put first things first. And we must do it no matter how much more pleasant and appealing other things maybe be at the moment.”

I will rigidly adhere to putting first things first. Will you?


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