A Special Kind Of Blindness

It’s been a little over a month since my last post. It wasn’t my intention to go this long without writing – this topic has been in the works for quite sometime now – but I’ve finally completed it. Well, I think I have anyway. There’s so much that could be said about having a special kind of blindness but I don’t think all of it can be said in a single post. Maybe in a series of posts.

For sometime now, I have felt that I wasn’t as zealous for God as I have been before. I say that because there was a time where I was always prayerful, speaking in tongues, and reading the bible regularly. It’s just not been the case anymore. So I made a decision to renew a covenant of prayer with God. You see, I needed a personal revival. My pastor has been preaching on revival the last couple of services, and what I took away from it was that instead of waiting for revival to come, I needed to have my own personal revival. It requires a special kind of dedication and blindness to consecrate ourselves to ways of God.

On this journey, I have been sure to spend time in prayer and read the word. It’s been tough – I’ve had hiccups here and there; and I’ve felt like I’ve backslid a bit. But you know what, the God that I serve is a gracious and kind God. He is always there to encourage and nudge you along the way. And that’s what He’s done. When I felt like I wasn’t worthy of Him, He’d use my wife, close friends and family, to encourage me to get back on the right path. And I’m grateful for that. This is just the beginning and the journey ahead is going to be long and hard. No doubt. When I say this journey require a special kind of blindness, what I’m saying is that  – You need reconcile your sins with God and get on your knees and pray. ALL. THE. TIME. Get in the word. Read a bible chapter or two everyday. Start a devotional. Join a bible study group. Be focused and dedicated to giving yourself wholly to God. I am certain that if you’re consistently pressing in and letting God direct your steps, you’re life and those around you, will change for the better – Because God is in control.

But of course – there are traps that the evil one sets on your ascent. I don’t want to credit the evil one but I don’t want to be ignorant of his devices. We are all human beings and we know the things that tempt us. Don’t give way to those things, but rather be focused on God. Be confident in God’s authority over all disciplines of your life. Understand your calling in God. And prepare yourself for God to direct you on His path. 

I pray that you have your own personal revival by seeking God first, and allow Him to direct your life. If you’re reading this and you’ve never accepted Jesus as Lord over your life, I pray that you recognize that you need Him and ultimately give your life to Him. I also invite you to come join me and my church at East Gate Christian Fellowship in Salem, MA for our Friday night services at 7 PM as well as Sunday morning services at 10 AM.

Keep the blinders on. Stay in prayer. Be Well and Be Blessed.


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